Team Rules

Team Captain
All teams must have a captain who will be in charge of submitting the names of racers on their team and maintaining correspondence with race organizers. Race organizers will only communicate with team captains with regard to team issues. The team captain must supply a valid email address for communications.

Team Roster – due Friday, June 9 at 4pm
Team rosters must be submitted by the team captain via email to by Friday, June 9, 2017. Please include the following: first name, last name, year of birth and racing class.

Teams can be made up of both men and women in any skill or age category. A maximum of ten (10) riders can be submitted for any one team. If your club has more than ten riders, you are welcome to submit multiple teams (Team A, Team B, etc.) as long as each team has its own team captain. Once a rider is submitted for a team, they cannot change to another team or be dropped from the team. A rider may be a member of only one team.

Team Scoring
Team points will be calculated by adding the individual race points of the 6 highest racers of each team with all races counting towards the total.  A perfect score would be 300 points per race (50x6)  and 1800 points for the series (six 300-point races).

Team Parking Policy
All teams are allowed one (1) vehicle and one (1) team tent in the dirt lot next to the white tent for most but not all races. Watch for pre race newsletters for races that tents are not allowed.

Team Awards
Team awards will be awarded to the top three adult and 18 & under teams overall at the final race of the series.